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To their credit, the online truck and bus community has taken the Diretide upset in their stride.Bemusement has given way to acceptance and even amusement.

But the £5.5million contract was scrapped that year and no replacement was brought in despite experts warning that such a move would leave the NHS vulnerable to cyber attack.

Experts claim hospitals failed to take advantage of updates that could have prevented the health service being impacted by the 'ransomware' virus, pictured, which spread across the globe on Friday (stock photo) A £5.5million IT support contract was scrapped in 2015 and no replacement was brought in despite experts warning that such a move would leave the NHS, pictured, vulnerable to cyber attack (stock photo)The Government Digital Service (GDS), which was set up by David Cameron,chose not to extend the deal after NHS bosses were told to replace the operating system or take out a new contract.

This time last year, Valve launched Dota 2’s Diretide update - an alternate Halloween replete with a 30 minute game mode and rash of new couriers.

As you know, once is the requisite number of times a thing must happen before it’s declared tradition, and so the Dota 2 community sat up on October 30 again this year and waited. And on November 1, when a new patch introduced some distinctly unfestive cosmetic items, they waited. And with no explanation forthcoming from Valve, they’ve turned their complaint cannons against the corporation with the nearest possible nomenclature: car manufacturers Volvo.

Pūl coins produced in Tashkent generally had 2 sizes with the lower denomination pūl being between 14 and 17 millimeters in diameter, while those of higher value would be between 20 and 24 millimeters.

The coins often contained the mint mark of Tashkent in Persian as “Coinage of Tashkent” (Persian: ضرب تاشكند), and had Persian blessing inscripted on them reading “May the future life be good” (Persian: عاقبت خير باد).

‘༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE’ That’s the template message that’s been filling up the Volvo subreddit and official Facebook page this weekend. ‘im switching over to league of lexus’, for instance, and ‘reinstalling Heroes of Nissan’. Dota was once reportedly misspelled Doto by somebody at some stage in its history, and its community latched onto the idea of replacing each vowel with an O.

Don’t dig too deep in your search for reason, though - that’s the mistake some Volvo redditors have made.

The Tajik Dungan leader Yaqub Beg first issued pūl coins with the name of the late Kokandi leader Malla Khan (1858–1862), and despite being minted in Kashgar, Xinjiang they bore the inscription “Struck in the Mint of Kokand”, however from 1873 new coins produced under Yaqub Beg bearing the name of Abdülaziz, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and this time these pūls did bear the inscription "Struck in the Mint of Kashgar, the Capital".

The monetary system of the Khanate of Kokand was dependent on the influx of foreign coins into its territory, particularly coins from Bukhara.

However under the reign of Narbuta Beg monetary reforms were enacted to produce local coinage, pūl (or ful) coins which were referred to as “black money”, and at the time of there introduction a single pūl could buy a sheep.

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