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The legal expert is defending the company from inquests by several government agencies and is considered a force to be reckoned with With Google's restructuring into Alphabet, Drummond was pulled up to the top to oversee mergers and acquisitions for all of Alphabet's ventures.

He previously acted as Google's first outside lawyer, working with Larry Page and Sergey Brin to secure Google's earliest financing rounds. — but it did so in a down round, meaning the company raised money at a lower valuation than it previously held.

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The three-year-old startup is operating in 25 cities, has deals with major chains like Taco Bell, and recently expanded into alcohol delivery.

If you have ever craved a quick nap while away from home, you will understand the allure of Recharge.

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There's a misconception that Silicon Valley is all about creating frivolous apps and getting paid buckets of money to do it while working in a frat house.

Some of the brogrammer culture does exist in pockets, but it doesn't define the cradle of innovation where thousands work and create in Silicon Valley.

The app allows anyone near a partnering hotel to get some privacy for extremely short hotel stays — think hours or even minutes.

Bamfo came up with the concept after noticing that on-demand Lyft drivers had nowhere to rest between jobs.

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A four-year-old girl died on Wednesday after she allegedly had an allergic reaction to an injection that was given to her at the Suddie Public Hospital, Essequibo Coast.

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