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After World War II, the American watch industry began to decline.

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A hard-working young man, Dietrich was awarded his first watchmaking patent at age 27, in 1874.

At 29 he co-founded the Columbus Watch Manufacturing Company; the successful enterprise was soon building complete watches in its own 300-employee factory buildings.

Gruen was one of the first companies to make wristwatches – both men’s and women’s models were introduced in 1908, but the men’s models were a huge commercial failure; men at the time considered wristwatches effeminate and refused to wear them.

During World War I wristwatches were used by the military, and after this men started to accept the idea of strapping a watch to their wrists.

After the success of the Curvex, Gruen launched a series of Veri-Thin wristwatches.

Like the Curvex, the Veri-Thin was developed to fill fashionable watch case shapes.Fred’s younger brother, George, joined as business manager and treasurer, and the company was moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where it became the Gruen Watch Company.Initially, Dietrich and Fred designed the watch movements in America and manufactured them in Germany.Gruen was one of the first companies to design movements specifically for wristwatches; it made rectangular movements for rectangular watches, while most competitors still used small, round movements.Gruen’s movements were larger because they filled the available space, and the watches were sleeker because the case designs didn't need to disguise a round movement.Later, they would build their own movement factory in Switzerland. Pocket watches in the late 1800s were large and heavy.

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